Native sculptures

Since 1997 Peter Syndicas’ sculptures have been inspired by his fascination with organic shapes in their simplest forms – fractals of nature. Twigs – fragile, precious, shaped by the elements. Delicately carved, the revealed forms are translated on a magnified scale and immortalised in bronze, steel or stone – a stark contrast to their fragile nature.

“I search specifically for twigs that portray a human figure as it gives each sculpture of mine a unique duality. On the one hand they are magnified reproductions of fragile twigs, while at the same time they display these very expressive abstract human forms… I love that my sculptures allow people to see fragments of plant life, as works of art”

“2019 marks 22 years since I began studying the human form by looking at trees. Over these years I have explored many new mediums and techniques, but the one thing that has never changed is my total fascination and adoration of these simple organic figurative forms.”

Tree of Life Peter Syndicas
Past Life Peter Syndicas
Self-similarity Peter Syndicas
The Villager Peter Syndicas