The Process

The sculpture pictured here was created from a twig collected by the “Shady Pool” at Hans Heysens Cedars Estate in Hahndorf.

I start my process by selecting a large variety of branches and twigs from a selected location. I find the most significant and often most difficult part of my process is by far the culling of the final twigs. Sometimes I can be lucky and find the selected form within one visit, but there have often been moments where I have had to visit a location multiple times in order to uncover the right inspiration.

It’s difficult to discribe just what it is that draws me to the final selected forms. All I can say is that after doing this for over 20 years I still get so excited when I find a completely unique and striking form.

I then use the selected twig as my model and replicate the forms on a magnified scale, often 10 to 15 times larger than the original size of the twig.

The favoured mediums that I like to work in are bronze, polished stainless steel,
and mild steel as well as marble.

This sculpture “The Shady Pool” is made from solid cast bronze. The finished sculpture was highly polished and sealed. It can now be found located in the actual Shady Pool where the original twig was collected.

This sculpture won the peoples choice award at the 2012 Heysen Sculpture Biennial.

The Shady Pool Comparison Peter Syndicas